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What to Know About

Academic achievement is only a small part of the picture in a student’s life, and is often weighted far too heavily in school admissions offices. TUOLAT selects it's students based on indicators of their future potential; characteristics including intellectual curiosity, perseverance in the face of adversity, and creativity.

Read our admissions section for more information and contact our admissions office to start your application.


Verification of Identity

Photo Identification **Not Expired

Bachelor's Degree

Official Previous School Transcripts

State Bar Registration** USA Only


Passport**Not Expired

Pre-Law Bar

Associates / AAS Degree

CLEP Scores

Unofficial Transcripts


State Bar Accepted/ Applicant

TUOLAT must abide by national rules just like a traditional law school. Although TUOLAT is free there are certain guidelines; TUOLAT must follow.


However, we can accept students under the following current mandatory conditions:


**Required are mandatory documents needed.

 **Maybe are the documents that may be used upon verification by the American Bar Association. Approval of any of these methods would need to be granted by The University of Law and Technology with.


**Do not feel discouraged, as TUOLAT is working on it; we are trying to get all forms of educational experience accepted. TUOLAT is aware that there are many low-income individuals who has the life skill of factor. Using this as an acceptable form of pre-law education is solely a decision for the American Bar Association.

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