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Dear TUOLAT Prospective Student:

Thank you for taking the time out to enroll within our university. We honor you for a job well done on furthering your career in Law. Our university is one of a kind; and has the limit to surpass society limits within the legal field as with incorporating technology.

TUOLAT is not your normal university; our Juris Doctorate in Law Technology increases the skill of law with the changing technological society in mind. Other universities are streamlining the process by using technology as practice models such as law software, court presentation software; etc. This is not TUOLAT ideology of technology.

Our technology defines, coding, cybercrimes and laws, database management, software virtualization, analyzing of data, engineering, and networking.

You may be wondering; well how does this pertains to Law; one must think in simplest terms. Software is technology; Cyber Law is technology; Analyzing and Reconstruction of Data or a Crime Scene is technology; everyday technology is used in many different forms and practices. Now, I think you get the point!

This is not your boring traditional method of learning here at TUOLAT you will never know what to expect, TUOLAT is a mystery; however, you will know your course structure but even with every TUOLAT course there is a surprise in store for the innovator. Just like the Law; you never know what may be enacted in the future.

We hope you enjoy TUOLAT and remember you are a new innovator in this structure of a legal technological society.




Jessica Scipio

University President

The University of Law and Technology

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